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About NewLeaf

NewLeaf Solar's Founder and CEO, Chad Wahlquist, worked in the solar industry for many years and realized two fundamental flaws with the way solar companies do business; they are slow to service customers because of their inefficient processes, and they charge too much due to their high overhead costs and exorbitant markup.




We knew we could do it better; we envisioned a company that was efficient, had low overhead costs, and made going solar cheaper than staying with the public utility company.  We envisioned a company that would strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers, employees, and fellow inhabitants of Earth.  We imagined a solar company whose primary goal was to change the world; a company focused on the greater good and not on the bottom line.  A company that could actually say that each customer gained made a measurable, positive difference.

Society cannot continue using fossil fuels as a primary source of power for our electricity; we are polluting our air, contaminating our lakes, rivers, and oceans, and infecting our food.  There is a finite supply of fossil fuel so it won't last forever.  Prices continuously increase year after year and the emissions created from burning fossil fuels are unacceptable; we are killing off species at an unprecedented rate (currently more species go extinct each year than during the dinosaur die-off, which means humanity's effect on the environment is worse  than a meteorite striking the Earth).  NewLeaf Solar is dedicated to changing the paradigm of power production.  We offer clean electricity powered by the sun, that is more affordable than the public utility company, more efficient, given at a fixed rate which is guaranteed to never increase, and qualifies our customers to receive a 26% tax credit on their federal income taxes.  Most importantly, solar is clean and sustainable.  Imagine powering entire cities with the sun's rays all while creating zero emissions — that is a future we can all embrace.


NewLeaf Solar is a clean energy alternative to powering your entire household with no out-of-pocket cost (that's right — absolutely NO upfront fees of ANY kind) and for every system we install, we donate to a conservation fund of your choice.  Our systems not only power your home, but because of our partnerships with conservation organizations, they also remove plastic from the ocean, preserve and protect rainforest, rescue animals from abusive environments, and rescue children from human trafficking, all while putting money in your pocket, making our air cleaner to breathe, and making a positive difference in the world.  

We are here to literally change the world.  Join our revolution and help us make the world a better place, starting with your home. There is a better way to live and it is our mission to open your eyes to the new energy paradigm.  It's time to turn over a NewLeaf.  Will you join us?

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